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Slips on south shore up to 22'


T-dock up to 26' (no water or electric)


All slips on north shore (100 Club)


In/Out rack service to 22'


Transient Slip to 30' (short time)  $1.25/foot
Transient Slip to 30' (Overnight) $1.00/foot
Boardwalk On The Bay (no water or electric) 30' Maximum slip


You will get a free hoist-in with your summer dock and free hoist-out with winter storage.

All pricing applies to boats with a beam of 10' or less.   If the boat's beam is 10'1" or wider, there is an additional $400.00 charge.

Powered slips do not include the use of air conditioning.   For boats with air, add $200.00.

Trailer storage is available for an additional $250.00 which includes 2 fetches from storage.   It is the customer's responsibility to load and unload the boat on and off of the trailer.   If you need assistance to load or unload, please call our service department for a quote and to schedule.




    1. You must be in compliance with all laws, regulations and ordinances governing boat operations and berthing.
    2. For your safety, nightlights are suggested when nighttime travel in the marina is necessary.
    3. No sharing of cable and/or electrical reception will be permitted.
    4. No antennas will be permitted on the premises.
    5. No open flames or smoking will be tolerated in the area around the gas dock.
    6. No fuel containers are allowed on the premises. Fueling is only allowed at licensed gas docks on the water. Violators are subject to release from their lease agreement without refund of fees.
    7. Areas around slips are to be kept clean and tidy. Any equipment that cannot be stored in dock boxes must be stored on your boat.
    8. Any damage done to the slip must be reported within 24 hours to a member of management and repairs overseen by harbormaster.
    9. Installation of anchorage or buoy facilities in the slip must be done and approved by management.
    10. Do not anchor anywhere in the marina except in your slip or gas dock.
    11. The gas dock is for fueling only. It may not be used for permanent or guest docking.
    12. Your boat must be anchored in slip with appropriate dock lines to avoid damage caused by fouling or collision.
    13. Your boat must be maintained in safe, seaworthy condition at all times.
    14. No swimming or diving from docks or boats docked at marina.
    15. No rafts, scows, floats or other personal watercraft shall be brought into or used in the Marina.
    16. No dumping of garbage, sewage, oil or other waste in the marina.
    17. No one shall exceed a speed of 5 miles per hour while on marina grounds.
    18. No one is to utilize the marina grounds/slips for commercial gains.
    19. No signs or placards can be displayed on boats or docks.
    20. Conduct by all marina lessees and their guests must not be loud, rowdy, damaging or disrespectful of other lessees and their guests.
    21. No alterations to slips may be made unless approved by marina management.
    22. All fires must be contained within designated areas in the marina and not left unattended while burning.
    23. All property of lessee left on marina grounds must be marked and labeled with slip number and name.
    24. There will be no exchanging of slips unless the harbormaster approves the exchange.
    25. No planks or wood walkways should be left on the grass in front of the slips without authorization.
    26. No gazebos, screen houses, tents or motor homes are allowed on marina property.
    27. Lessee shall be required to give lessor a minimum of 14 days notice prior to the spring launch or winter lift out by lessees. Lessor may remove lessee’s boat from water October 15th at its sole discretion.
    28. All dock boxes must meet the following specifications: Approximately 3’ wide, 3’ deep and 5’ long. Dock box must be made of fiberglass and set on decking directly in front of slip. No vegetable gardens are allowed.
    29. Lessee shall not use the parking facility for parking of campers, trailers, tents, trucks, buses or any other vehicle containing sleeping facilities. Parking in the marina is for passenger vehicles only.
    30. If lessee elects to bring a pet into the marina, such pets must be leashed at all times and must never be left unattended. Lessee is responsible for the disposal of all waste left behind by his or her pet. Lessor reserves the right to forbid any pet if the situation becomes problematic. The marina shall not be held responsible for damages to persons/property done by pets.
    31. Lessee shall not install anything to the dock in the lessee’s slip except lessor approved bumpers.
    32. Lessor will not be responsible for the manner in which a boat is tied to a dock in the marina. The lessor can, at its discretion, re-tie a boat to prevent further damage to lessee's boat or adjacent boats. Lessor will not be responsible for damage caused by a poorly tied boat.
    33. Lessor shall make available to the lessee a key for washrooms and showers. Lessee shall not duplicate key made available. Under no circumstances are the washrooms to be left unlocked.
    34. Lessee acknowledges that the lessor does not employ a watchman or guard on the marina properties.
    35. No outside contractors are allowed in the marina without the express consent of management. If permission is granted, the contractor will be required to provide proof of insurance.
    36. All lessees shall provide keys for any boat docked or racked in the marina in case of emergencies and for the convenience of the lessee.
    37. Any boat left on The One Hundred Club property for more than 10 days without a winter or summer storage/service contract will incur a charge of $27.50 per day.