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(Times may vary)

APRIL 1st - OCTOBER 31st




Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 - 5:00 

Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 - 4:00 

Sunday by appointment

Sunday by appointment 



Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 - 5:00 

Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 - 4:00  

 Sunday closed

Sunday closed 



5:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Seven days a week 



Slip Size



Total Fee





Inside 28'




Outside 28'




Inside 30'




Outside 30'




Inside 32'




Outside 32'
















Walkway Slips





Up to 30 Length: $1.50 per linear foot of boat

31 - 39 Length: $1.75 per linear foot of boat

Over 40 Length: $1.95 per linear foot of boat

Daily Rate: 50% of the transient slip rental rate

Weekly Rate: Six times the daily transient slip rental rate

Monthly Rate: Based on availability - 25% of the season rate

Refundable Transient Key Deposit: $20.00 each










 Daily Rate (Includes Trailer Parking)



 Vendor Pass (Each boat)


 (Wisconsin Residents)

 (Out of State Residents)


 Up to 26'




 27' and over








 Season Pass (Each Trailer)








 Up to 26'



 (Senior/Handicap Discount 25% for season passes only)

 27' and over





Fish Cleaning Station

Simmons Island Marina has a fish cleaning station where you can scale, skin, fillet or steak cut your fish and not have all that mess at home!

Fish spoil quickly if you don't handle them properly from the moment you land them. You'll end up with softened flesh, a strong flavor and a "fishy" or sour odor.  If you're going to eat your catch, you have to keep it fresh. Keep caught fish in a live well, a cooler or on a stringer in the water. And always fill your cooler or live well with the same water you're fishing in.

Simmons Island has convenient on-site amenities such as 142 boat slips, 6 launch ramps, electricity, water, telephone, floating docks, spotless showers & private restrooms, controlled parking lots, uniformed night security, beautiful park setting adjacent to historic downtown district, full mechanical service on site, fish cleaning station, full service winter storage, convenience store, walking distance & trolley service to downtown shopping and restaurants & a landscaped picnic area.



Qualification:  No permit will be granted in the name of an organization.  Leasee must be an individual, and evidence of leasee ownership (full or partial) or control of the vessel must be presented to the Administrative Office.  Leasee may be a married couple.  In the event of a divorce, documentation of succesion will be required by the Marina as the basis for issuing a new harbor occupancy agreement.  Evidence of leasee ownership or control shall be:  Title or Registration or Bill of Sale.

Slips shall be available for occupancy from April 15th through October 31st, weather permitting.  Boats not being stored for the winter season at Great Lakes Yacht Sales must be removed from the Marina by October 31st.  If the vessel is not removed by October 31st, Great Lakes Yacht Sales has the authority to impose temporary slip fees and/or remove the vessel and charge the owner for the cost of removal and temporary storage fees until the vessel is removed from the site.

Vessel Maintenance: Limited maintenance, such as tune-ups, cleaning and line replacement of docked vessels in the recreational harbor is permitted during daylight hours only.  Such maintenance activities shall not generate paint aerosols, dust, other particles or material which will deposit upon docks, nearby vessels or other facilities; not produce odors, vapors/gasses which will prove offensive or pose health, fire or other saftety hazards.  Extensive repairs such as hull repairs, engine overhauls and spray painting, shall be completed outside the slip area.  The use of open flame devices (welding, torches, blow torches, etc.) or electrical welders shall not be permitted without espress permission (based upon safety) of the Harbor Master.  Only boat repair, service or other type vendors that have beejn authorized by Great Lakes Yacht Sales shall be permitted to perform work on any vessels at the Marina.  Any waste products (oil, paint, solvents, etc.) shall be disposed of only in designated areas.  Leasee will be responsible for any costs associated with the cleanup and disposal of unauthorized discharges.  Marina management or its representatives, may board and inspect any vessel suspected of unauthorized discharge.

Keys:  Slip holder will be issued two numbered keys to operate the main entry gates to the docks and to the customer restroom facilities.  The slip holder is responsible to return the keys at the end of the season or there will be a $25.00 charge for each lost key.  Reminder:  The keys are numbered, the correct numbered key must match your slip number at the end of the season.

Fuel:  Fueling of boats from portable gas cans is not permitted at any time in the Marina.

Parking:  Access to restricted parking, docks, and bathhouse will be provided to the leasee by Great Lakes Yacht Sales.  Any misuse of these privileges may be cause for termination of the slip rental.

Boat Stickers:  A sticker will be provided once the balance is paid in full.  These stickers must be put at the port side stern of the boat with full visibility to Marina staff.  These stickers will allow us to verify all boats belonging to each individual slip.  The slip number must coincide with the number on the boat.

Bicycles & Motorcycles:  No person shall rollerskate, skateboard, or ride bicycles, manual or motorized scooters or motorcycles on the docks and gangways within the Marina or upon the boardwalk.

Fairway (Channel):  No wake speed limit within harbor area.  Signal horn when leaving slip and entering main fairway.  Federal rules and regulations governing inland waterways are to be followed.

Security Gates:  The security gates to the main piers are not to be blocked open at any time.  Any tampering of the Marina security regulations may be cause for termination of the slip permit.  Termination shall be based upon such considerations as the nature of damages or threat to security.  All persons within the secured area of the Marina shall identify themselves upon request by Marina personnel.

Storage:  Nothing is to be stored on the docks or piers except in storage lockers.

Grills:  Charcoal grills are not permitted on the docks at all.  A propane grill may only be used on an EMPTY finger pier.  All grills within the picnic areas can be used by all slip holders throughout the season.

Swimming/Diving:  Swimming and diving are not permitted within the protected harbor areas of the Marina.

Other Fees and Charges:  Fees may be charged for such things as replacement of lost parking permits, cables, use of Marina facilities, collection costs, damage to Marina property, credit card convenience, and other Marina services necessary to maintain the safety and operation of the Marina.

Lost and Found:  All found items should be taken to the office located at the Fish Cleaning Station.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact Great Lakes Yacht Sales at (262) 654-0207.