Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Change Your Engine Oil

Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Change Your Engine Oil

Just like changing the oil in your car, it’s just as important to change the engine oil in your boat. However, unlike cars, the process can be much more involved and messier with boats. Many boaters often choose between changing their engine oil in the fall or spring, but Great Lakes Yacht Sales is here to explain why now is the perfect time to take care of this necessary maintenance. Just read on to learn more!

Fall is Prime Time for Winterization

Regardless of how many hours you have on your boat, an oil change is a vital part of every winterization process. Winterization is the act of preparing your boat for storage so that it can stay in good condition even after months of idling. Modern engine oils do not wear out as much as their predecessors did, but they are still liable to accumulate dirt, combustion residue, and acid – all of which can lead to further damages. Changing the oil in fall means that your engine won’t be exposed to contaminants that could cause engine failure.

How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?

If you attempt an oil change by yourself, then the cost will depend on how many engines you have, as well as the kind of oil you need and the oil filter. A single-engine boat may cost you around $50-$75 to do yourself. However, individuals who perform an oil change are at risk of doing something incorrectly and harming their boat in the short- and long-term. Any money you save by trying a DIY oil change may be void after you spend more money on repairs or end up taking it in for a professional oil change anyway.

Frequency of Oil Changes

Many engine manufacturers recommend changing your oil every 50-100 hours, which you can learn by checking your owner’s manual. However, for brand new engines, we suggest getting the oil changed once every 20 hours for the first 100 hours of operation. Naturally, older motors will require less frequent oil changes because the internal parts bed themselves over time.

Oil changing is important, and your boat will always run smoother with fresh oil in it. With so much of your boat’s performance at stake, it is advisable to leave a service like this in the hands of professionals. As your leading Kenosha marina, Great Lakes Yacht Sales provides a wide array of boat repairs to make sure that your engine stays in good health at all times of the year. Contact us today to learn more about our engine oil changes and other services.

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