3 Basic Items Every Angler Needs In Their Tackle Box

3 Basic Items Every Angler Needs In Their Tackle Box

With summer here and all the fishing fanatics making their way back to the water, it’s time to stock up on some essentials. Your boat is probably serviced and cleaned, and all set to make the most of this season but before you head out to your favorite fishing spots, you need to check up on your tackle box and make sure it’s ready for your angling plans!

A well-organized and stocked up tackle box can go a long way in ensuring you have successful and smooth fishing sessions so it’s important to make sure you’ve got it ready with all the essentials you’ll need.

Here is a list of 3 of the most basic yet necessary items you must have in your tackle box:

Extra line

Usually, it’s inevitable that for some reason or another, your fishing line will end up getting tangled or broken during an angling session. The kind of line you carry with you depends on where you plan to fish and what specie you are going after, but it’s always wise to have an extra stock with you so that you don’t have to cut your trip short when you end up with a broken or tangled one.


An assorted collection of bobbers always comes in handy when you require a visual indicator to show you when a fish bites. A bobber sinks as soon as a fish bites, signaling you to reel your catch in. These are especially helpful to detect small and subtle bites that you may not notice otherwise.

Assorted bait/lures

Your collection of baits and lures depends on what kind of fish you are planning to catch. Lures come in different shapes and colors and are used to attract a fish to come closer to you. Some of the most common ones are spoons, plastic worms, jerkbaits, crankbaits and swim jigs. Anglers also enjoy using live or dead bait, such as worms, crickets, and shrimp to land a catch.

Along with these items it’s also important to fill up your tackle box with extra hooks, a small sharp knife and needle nose pliers as they always come in handy too!

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