Are you Ready for the Fishing Season Ahead?

Are you Ready for the Fishing Season Ahead?

After a long winter, being able to hit the water and begin a fresh new season of fishing is an exciting thought for any angler. The weather becomes more favorable, the fish become more active, and – most importantly – your boat is out of storage and ready for all the new excursions you have planned.

Here is a quick checklist to ensure that you are ready for the fishing season ahead:

Organize and Update Your Tackle Box

It’s always a great idea to be on top of the situation in your tackle box. Right before a new fishing season is probably the best time to organize and update it. Clean all the various trays inside your tackle box and take stock of what’s running low. Order all the hard baits that you had been wanting and don’t forget to restock your tackle box with all the soft plastics that you will need for the season. By ordering things in advance, you will be all set by the time you are ready to take your boat out to begin a great season ahead.

While you are working on your tackle box, make sure to replace damaged hooks and any other rusty components you have on lures. Labelling your tackle box is also a great way to stay organized and efficient.

Check the Condition of Your Reels and Rods

All reels need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly but after a long stretch of idleness, you need to make sure to give them a little extra attention. Going into a fishing season with a fresh line is important because using an old line that’s been sitting on your reels all winter long may not get you off to a promising start on the water. Make sure to clean and wipe down your fishing rods and check the eyelets for any signs of damage.

Boat Maintenance and Restocking Essentials

When you take your boat out of storage, there is a whole process required that includes checking batteries, the engine, and filling the tank up with fresh fuel. You need to make sure that all the electrical components are working fine along with the propellers. Clean your boat’s exterior and interior and take it for servicing if necessary. As soon as the fishing season starts, you really don’t want to miss out because of maintenance issues that you ignored or delayed getting fixed.

Along with making sure your boat is working fine, you also should take stock of all the items that you keep onboard for your fishing trips. These include basics such as sunscreen and first aid kits, along with other safety and navigational gear. Restock whatever seems to be running low and check to see all electrical and battery-operated gear is working fine as well.

Whether you are looking to service your boat for the season ahead, or completely upgrade it for something new, we can help with whatever you need at Great Lakes Yacht Sales! Visit our location at our Kenosha marina and let our crew ensure you have a great year of fishing ahead.

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