Why is Regular Boat Maintenance So Important?

Why is Regular Boat Maintenance So Important?

Just like all the other assets in your life such as your car or home that require maintenance to remain in good condition, your boat needs your attention and time to remain pristine. As a boat owner, you want your vessel to remain in top-notch condition so that it can last longer and perform well each time you take it into the water. And to keep it looking and performing consistently great, you need to be regular about its maintenance.

Why is maintenance required?

You have probably invested a lot of money into your boat and don’t want it breaking down or getting damaged simply because of neglect on your part. Compared to the boats made in the past, vessels today are made with materials and systems that are fairly easier to maintain and take care of.

By neglecting its regular cleaning and servicing, not only would you be doing a disservice to such a big investment that you made but also building up a big amount that you’ll end up paying for repairs caused by ignoring minor issues that became bigger over time.

Engine service

Making sure that your engine is in optimum condition is not just important for good performance of your vessel but also for safety purposes. Usually, boat engines require service annually, but you should still be familiar with the specifications of what your model’s engine requires. Annual maintenance for your boat consists of oil and filter change as well as the replacement of the engine lubricant. This is also the time your vessel’s spark plugs and belts can be reviewed to ensure they are working fine. Trying to delay or postpone these services to save up on money isn’t a smart idea and may just end up costing you more later if issues arise.

Keep the hull clean

Keeping your hull clean and well maintained is what will ensure that your boat doesn’t just perform great but looks perfect too. Hosing down your hull, applying wax and polish along regularly checking for cracks and damage are the main steps you can take to keep it in optimum shape.

Keep the bottom of your boat free of any scum and algae so that it uses less fuel and is also less detrimental to the environment.

Battery maintenance

Your boat’s battery is required to start the engine and as well for the functionality of other electrical components. You should check the battery’s power multiple times throughout the year and ensure that you don’t have batteries degrading inside.

Don’t ignore regular upkeep of the interior

Your boat’s interior is just as important as the exterior and remembering to wipe it clean after every use will help you keep it looking nice and shiny every time you head out for a trip. Rinse and wipe down the deck and foredeck and clean the boat seating areas every few weeks as well.

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