Boat Maintenance Made Easy with Milwaukee Boat Dealers

Boat Maintenance Made Easy with Milwaukee Boat Dealers

Every year, nearly 300,000 boats are built and sold. The boating industry has remained popular in the United States for decades because of its many recreational benefits and applications, whether that is casting a line from a Starweld fishing boat or thrilling cruises in a Monterey Boats sports yacht. Simply put, boats can be a great addition to your life, but they do need to be cleaned and detailed regularly to stay in their best condition. Read on for some boat maintenance and boat detailing tips from your leading Milwaukee boat dealers!

Pave the Way with a Hard Rinse

Boat detailing is all about getting all the dirt, mud, and grime off the boat. Boats frequently accumulate dust from roads, mud from shores, and grime that simply builds up over regular use. If left unaccounted for, this debris can cause irreparable damage to the hull of your ship. Before going any further into the detailing process, we recommend rinsing off the boat with a good hose or power washer to eliminate that tough build-up and get the hull primed for a thorough cleaning.

Lather Up and Scrub

Now that the hull of the boat has been stripped of its grimy coating, the next step is soaping down the entire exterior and giving it a thorough scrub. Marine soap is designed to handle all the dirt associated with fresh and saltwater boating, so having some on hand is a must. Additionally, a great brush can go a long way towards boat detailing done right so make sure you are using a brush that is durable enough to get the job done without damaging the finish. Marine brushes are made to withstand repeated exposure to saltwater so that they can be used early and often.

Wiping and Drying

Once you are satisfied with the extent of your clean, it is time to now wipe down the boat and soak up any excess water. It is imperative to dry the boat immediately after a wash to prevent unsightly water spots on the exterior. The goal of this step is not just to dry off the boat, but also to buff the outside for a sharp look. There is a wide array of power cleaners available, but you can save yourself the hit to your wallet by applying elbow grease and a basic mop or cloth.

Polish it Off

After your boat exterior has been thoroughly washed, dried, and buffed, you can really get a shine going with some marine polish and wax. Wax does not need to be applied every single time your wash your boat but doing it regularly will protect the exterior and keep it looking brand new, too. Only once the boat is completely dry after its wash should you apply your wax of choice. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions and break down your work into sections for a verifiably even layer.

Boat detailing is essential to the longevity of your boat, and it simply keeps your boat looking its best, too. With the right tools, you can perform this maintenance yourself, or you can rely on the leading Milwaukee boat dealers to get it done for you in a timely manner. At Great Lakes Yacht Sales, we have numerous service departments dedicated to quality work and customer satisfaction. Our full-service boat detailing includes a complete wash and dry, followed by an application of wax and additional above-deck cleaning. These reasons and more are what make us your go-to boats for sale dealer. Visit us at our Kenosha marina today for more information.

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