Ready To Sell? 5 Expert Tips from Milwaukee Boat Dealers Before Selling Your Boat

Ready To Sell? 5 Expert Tips from Milwaukee Boat Dealers Before Selling Your Boat

If you love boating and plan to make it a lifelong passion, you know that you might buy and sell several boats over the course of your cruising days — and that’s OK! There can be several reasons for selling a boat. Maybe you want a bigger, more powerful ride for water sport thrills. Conversely, maybe you’re ready to switch to something more streamlined for low-maintenance cruising with the family. Or perhaps, you’re simply want the newest ride with all the bells and whistles.

Whatever your unique situation may be, our trusted team of Milwaukee boat dealers at Great Lakes Yacht Sales can help you tackle the sale process with ease. Here are just a few of our top tips as you get started.

Put Time On Your Side

Many experts and longtime boaters agree that the spring and early summer months are a great time to sell your boat quickly. This is because more people will be planning their warm-weather cruising and looking for their own dream ride — making it easier for your boat to potentially finds its new home.

However, even if you aren’t selling your boat in the “perfect” window, don’t worry! The important thing is to start your sale process as soon as possible, which will give you and your broker time to stage your ride and prepare it for sale.

Help Your Boat Look Its Best

A clean, shiny boat can catch buyers’ eyes better than one with visible wear and tear! Give your boat the TLC treatment before selling. This doesn’t mean adding all the bells and whistles, but rather taking care of small, necessary repairs, tending to torn upholstery, and similar fixes. (Fortunately, Great Lakes can help with these and even more complicated repairs — whatever you need to get your sale afloat!)

Take High-Quality Photos & Videos

With the ever-present resource of social media, you have even more ways to reach potential buyers for your boat — of course, you also have that much more competition as a result. If you only have a few seconds to make an impression, be sure it’s a good one! You can take stunning photos and videos with your smartphone. Snap action imagery that conveys your boat’s skills on the water, as well as clear photos and videos of your boat from the inside out.

Partner With An Experienced Team

Don’t feel the need to go your boat-selling adventure alone. An experienced team that knows how to sell your boat can make things a lot easier —and that’s where Great Lakes comes in! From 16 to 60 feet, we’ve helped boaters like you sell rides of all shapes and sizes, and can equip you with the support needed to sell your boat with ease.

Consider Your Goals For Selling Your Boat

The end goal of your boat sale will help you craft the ideal journey. For example, if you already have your eye on another beautiful boat, a value trade might be your best course of action! Be sure to ask the team here at Great Lakes about all your options. From selling your current boat to bringing home a new one, we can’t wait to help you at every step of the way! Call us today to get started on the exciting journey ahead. 

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