Summer Maintenance Checklist to Boat Safely Aboard Yachts for Sale Milwaukee

Summer Maintenance Checklist to Boat Safely Aboard Yachts for Sale Milwaukee

Boat sales have boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic, which means there will be even more people on the water to escape the heat of summer than usual. Frequent excursions can take a toll on used boats Milwaukee due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and harmful contaminants in the water. With the proper maintenance, you can avoid constant repairs and enjoy your summer days sailing! Continue reading to learn more.

Critical Inspection Tasks

  • Oil & oil filter: change these every six months or after every 375 boating hours – whichever comes first.
  • Fuel filter: change this every 12 months or after every 100 boating hours.
  • Water pumps: service them every two months or after every 200 boating hours.
  • Transmission oil: change this once every 24 months or after every 2000 boating hours.
  • Drive belt: change this every 12 months or after every 1000 boating hours.
  • Cooling system: flush this every 72 months or after every 6000 hours of operation.
  • Air filter: clean this every six months or after every 1000 hours of operation.
  • Steering cable: grease this every 12 months – we suggest doing it at the start of each boating season.
  • Boat battery: charge this every 12 months or if the battery indicator shows a low sign.
  • Propeller: check this for damages before and after every single trip.

It’s important to monitor your time spent on the water carefully as it can indicate when to service very important parts of your boat. In addition to these long-term inspections, use this following checklist before shipping off to make sure boats for sale Milwaukee Wisconsin stay safe for summer adventure!

Fuel System

  • Inspect your fuel system for any damages and leaks.
  • Inspect the fuel tank surface, connections, and hoses for cracks or brittleness – these can compromise their structural integrity.
  • Make sure all clamps, nuts, and bolts are securely in place.

Cables & Belts

  • Inspect all cables and belts, they are prone to cracking during winter storage.
  • Fit all belts tightly around the pulleys to prevent slipping.
  • Observe for black residue around pulleys and swelling on the outer jacket of the throttle. These may cause imminent failure.

Fluid Levels

Check all your fluid levels and top off any that need them. This includes power steering, engine oil, power trim reservoir, and coolant. Then, always be sure to change all oil filters, drive lubricants, and engine oil in a timely fashion.

Electric System

  • Have a professional inspect all electrical systems for functionality. Great Lakes Yacht Sales can handle this boat repair Milwaukee – simply request more information!
  • Inspect all electrical connections for corrosion and remove all corroded terminals.
  • Use a wire brash to clean the terminals and cable ends.
  • Charge your battery at the beginning of every season and test it to make sure it can hold its charge in full capacity!

Hull & Propeller

  • Inspect your propeller closely for cracks, dings, and distortion.
  • Replace the propeller bearing if necessary and ensure that the propeller is secure.
  • As you inspect your hull for damages, clean it with an appropriate cleaning solution.

Need any help with your pre-boating maintenance? Don’t sweat it! Great Lakes Yacht Sales offers a plethora of services to ensure that your boat is in its best shape for long on-the-water adventures all summer long. We pride ourselves on having mechanics with over 20 years of experience working in the marine engine field. Review our many services here and contact Great Lakes Yacht Sales to learn more!

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