The Dos and Don'ts When Naming a New Boat

The Dos and Don'ts When Naming a New Boat

Naming a new boat is one of the great joys of boat ownership. However, a boat’s name has to be chosen carefully. There are guidelines for naming a boat, ones that sailors and captains take seriously. So if you’re looking for yachts for sale in Milwaukee, break out the thinking cap and start pondering some names. 

The Dos

While most countries won’t have any regulations regarding boat names, it’s best to check first. Otherwise, naming conventions are guided by boating tradition and common sense.

Name in Honor of a Loved One

In the past, it was common to name boats after a special woman in the life of the boat’s owner. Today, boaters name their boat after loved ones, no matter who they are. You could name it after a special man in your life or even your beloved dog.

The Better the Pun, the More Respect

Boat names that are puns make fellow boaters proud. For example, Reel Good Time, Hope Floats, Sea You Later, and plenty more.

Name for Your Hobby or Career

Whatever you love aside from boating is fair game. Rock N’ Rollin’ for a musician, Brain Sturgeon for a doctor, and Whiskey Me Away for a hard liquor connoisseur.

Make It Fit

For practical purposes, make sure the name fits on the boat. If you were hoping to use Majestic Vessel Pleasure Cruise Queen Weekend Getaway Schooner II, perhaps brainstorm a bit more.

Be Personal

Not every name has to be funny or in honor of a spouse or loved one. Perhaps you want something straightforward that means something to you. A motto like No Worries or the feeling of being on the water, like Serene, are perfectly good names.

The Don’ts

There aren’t many, but boaters take them seriously.

Don’t Name After Famous Wrecks

Names like Titanic, Lusitania, and Flor De Mar are just inviting trouble.

Don’t Make the Name a Challenge

Do not tempt fate by naming your boat Shipwreck, Lost at Sea, Perfect Storm, or Hurricane

Ponder Names When Shopping for Yachts for Sale in Milwaukee

Think long and hard about the name you want for your first boat. It’s going to be on your boat for a long time. Maybe you’re browsing boat sales in Milwaukee, and a name is percolating in the back of your head. Run it by some seasoned boaters first. You’ll be glad you did.


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