5 Tips to Prepare Your Boat for Severe Weather

5 Tips to Prepare Your Boat for Severe Weather

Hopefully, you don’t need these tips because you’re entering severe weather right this second but instead because you hope to prepare in case you do. Boat dealers with boats for sale in Kenosha and current owners alike need to have a game plan for protecting their beloved, well-maintained watercraft from environmental damage. Here’s how!

1. Store Away Fragile Items

If there are any fabrics or canvases on board that are exposed to the elements (like flags), remove them and put them in a safe place. They’ll get torn up by strong winds. Any loose items on deck, even fishing poles on racks, need to be taken inside as well. As a general rule of thumb, if it isn’t nailed down, it needs to be away and shielded from the approaching storm.

2. Secure Openings

Strong enough winds can force water into places it wouldn’t otherwise get into. This includes openings that have hatches you can close and lock but also holes and vents you might not otherwise think about, such as engine exhaust ports. For these openings, you may have to rely on tape or hose clamps and rubber sheets to keep them sealed.

3. Be Careful About Where You Store Your Boat

If you keep your boat on a trailer, the best thing to do is put it into an enclosed garage. If this isn’t an option, though, keep the boat away from any hazards, such as trees that might drop limbs or fall themselves. 

Either way, you also need to make sure the storm surge can’t reach your boat’s location. If the boat lives on the water, such as at a marina, be aware of any neighboring boats or poorly constructed docks. You don’t want someone else’s poor mooring or workmanship to cause severe damage to your boat 

4. Check Your Insurance

Does your boat’s insurance cover storms and other natural disasters? If not, and you live in an area that could face such events, it may be time to change that!

In fact, store any valuables you don’t want to be damaged in a safe place, as your boat’s insurance might not cover them.

5. Remove Your Electronics

Your displays and antennae should be removed and put someplace where they can stay dry. 

Protecting Privately Owned Boats and Boats for Sale in Kenosha

A little preparation will keep your boats safe, whether you are looking to sell them or already own one. If you find yourself caught in a sudden storm, some additional tips are to slow down, remove water from the bilges, and keep passengers on the floor in the centerline for stability. Good luck, and stay safe!

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