Top Tips On Being A Safe Boater

Top Tips On Being A Safe Boater

For a passionate boater, nothing can come close to the feeling of being out on the water. However, between all the action and nature surrounding you, sometimes it’s easy to forget all the safety measures you need to take when out on the water. From sudden weather changes to accidents on the boat – anything can happen and when you are away from land and immediate help, it’s good to have safety measures in place to prevent any serious damage or injuries from taking place.

Here are some of the top tips on how you can practice safe boating:

Lifejackets onboard

The US Coast Guard requires boats to have USCG approved life jackets for every passenger onboard. Although some states require these lifejackets to just be accessible instead of being worn continuously, it is always a good idea to have children and other inexperienced company with you wearing these while out on the water. Life jackets should be tested at least once a year and should be replaced if they have lost their buoyancy.

Inspect and service your boat regularly

Regular maintenance isn’t just required to keep your boat looking shiny and clean but also for it to function smoothly each time you’re taking it out. Always check your boat’s propellers for dents or signs of any other kind of damage and make sure to keep an eye out for any debris such as tangled fishing lines stuck in it. Take care of your engine and all the electric components on your boat and if something doesn’t sound or seem right, get it checked before making plans to head out. Not only will proper maintenance keep your boat running smoothly but it will also eliminate any chance of malfunctioning in the middle of a trip.

Check the weather before heading out

A bright sunny day can suddenly turn dark and stormy when you’re out in the water and it’s best to be prepared with appropriate gear and provisions in case that happens. To make sure you are not stuck in a dangerous situation, always check the weather and tide predictions before you take your boat out for the day. Keep a first aid kit, tarp, and waterproof jackets onboard in case you aren’t able to reach shelter before a storm hits your location.

Steer clear from distractions

If you are out with company, it’s easy to get carried away with your speed or get distracted by what’s happening around you. No matter how much experience you have operating your boat, it just takes a minute for something to go wrong. To avoid accidents and injuries, keep your eyes on the water and make sure to consistently check visibility, boat traffic and the natural habitat and terrain around you.

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