This Year, Find The Best Holiday Gifts For The Boater On Your List

This Year, Find The Best Holiday Gifts For The Boater On Your List

The crisp winter air heralds the holiday season here on the western shores of Lake Michigan. As snow starts dusting our, our minds are likely drifting ahead to the blue skies and warm days of 2024. At Great Lakes Yacht Sales, we live for summers out on the open water as much as our customers do. That's why the holidays get us so excited—it's a chance to reflect on treasured memories while looking forward to new adventures ahead.

This time of year, we start thinking on gift recommendations to delight the boaters in their lives. And we have plenty of ideas to share! From must-have gear to complete surprises, here are some of our favorite picks to make any boating enthusiast burst with joy when they unwrap these gifts.

Keep Them Connected

Technology certainly enhances time spent out on the water these days. Boaters love gadgets and gizmos to make their experience smoother sailing, from navigation to entertainment. Portable Bluetooth speakers let them wirelessly play music from their phone or tablet, amplified loud enough to be heard over revving motors.

Safety is always a top priority for us, so products that provide connectivity in remote areas are also great gifts. Satellite communicators give boaters a way to send text messages and trigger an interactive SOS from far offshore locations where cell phones drop out. Just having that ability to call for assistance no matter where you are on the big lake gives both captains and crew immense peace of mind.

Gear Up for Adventure

Aboard most boats, there's always room for more toys! Inflatable floats and rideables open up fun new adventures out on the water. Surfing, waterskiing and wakeboarding are popular sports around here. The right gear makes it possible for families to pick up and learn together. For skiers and wakeboarders, bindings provide comfort and responsiveness helping to improve their skills season over season.

We also can't forget safety equipment that preps for full days of activity offshore. Upgraded life jackets, anchor lines, rope, and first aid kits seem mundane but they actually make excellent gifts boaters deeply appreciate. Having backups and spares means one less thing to stress about when heading out for weekends of fun all summer long.

Keep Drinks Cool

Staying refreshed and hydrated is key for boaters cruising around on sunny days. Clever drinkware keeps beverages cool and tasty for hours of on-water enjoyment. Stanley makes classic vacuum bottles, growlers, tumblers and mugs that conserve temperature amazingly well.

For bigger groups spending extended time offshore, wheeled coolers are perfect for keeping food and drinks chilled. The thick insulation can preserve ice for up to 5 days, plenty to get you through even the most epic excursions. Custom wrap Yeti cooler packs let captains show off a little boating pride as well with marine decals of their own design.

Bundle Up in Style

The right gear makes all the difference for comfort boating in changing conditions. As seasoned Midwestern boaters know all too well, beautiful sunny mornings can shift to blustery and wet afternoons in the blink of an eye. Performance fishing shirts shield from spray while ventilating airflow on muggy dog days.

Specially-designed boat shoes stand up to soggy decks with non-slip soles, keeping feet stable in slippery situations. For dangling over cool lake waters, we recommend mid layer pullovers which insulate core warmth. And no boater ensemble is complete without the essential accessories like polarized captain’s hats, buffs, gloves and sunglasses either. With the proper marine apparel, you’re ready to relax out on the water regardless of whatever the weather decides to throw at you!

Explore Boats For Sale in Kenosha

Want to truly see a boater’s face glow brighter than the sun on the summer solstice? The holidays offer the perfect excuse to finally pull the trigger on that new family boat you've been dreaming about for years. Trust us, few things feel more satisfying than watching a perfect boat and perfect family meet for the first time!

Our friendly Kenosha marina experts can help navigate the specs, features and options to find just the right boat tailored to how you access and enjoy the water. Here at Great Lake Yacht Sales, we carry Smoker Craft, Starweld, and SunChaser boats along with a wide selection of excellent used models. Together, we’ll launch 2023 making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

The holidays mark a nostalgic time to reflect on all we appreciate—good health, special bonds, and the simple joys of boating in the warm summer breeze. However you choose to celebrate the magic of the season, we hope these gift ideas inspire smooth sailing into prosperous new adventures ahead.

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