Make Waves in 2024: Ring in the New Year With 5 Kenosha Boating Resolutions

Make Waves in 2024: Ring in the New Year With 5 Kenosha Boating Resolutions

As the dawn of 2024 approaches, boaters across Kenosha look forward to new beginnings on our treasured local waterways. Whether you’re a first-time kayaker paddling the Pike River or a seasoned sailor ready to embark on fresh adventures across Lake Michigan, the new year invites us to set intentions and resolutions that enhance our connections to the natural splendor of southern Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers and shores.

By committing to practical goals tailored to our unique boating passions and local ecosystems, we chart an inspiring course ahead. As you reflect this season, consider adopting one or more of these New Year’s resolutions to deepen your ties to local waterways in the year to come – no matter what 2024 brings.

Explore One New Harbor Every Month

Resolve to trailer or sail your boat to a fresh harbor or port at least once per month in 2024. Venture outside Kenosha to uncover new favorite fishing holes, quaint shoreline cafes, or simply unforgettable sunset views. With several scenic options less than an hour’s cruise away, you’ll breathe new life into boating while supporting local businesses across the western shores of Lake Michigan.

Within 30 minutes, you can drop anchor at charming Lake Bluff Harbor or at Illinois Beach State Park, where majestic Lake Bluff Beach offers miles of unspoiled shoreline. Just 45 minutes north, Racine’s Reefpoint Marina invites exploration of the winding Root River or easy access to the open lake, while Milwaukee Harbor provides a buzzing urban backdrop 30 miles from Kenosha.

Further afield, visit Port Washington an hour drive away to enjoy local seafood, shopping and cultural attractions in addition to its serene harbor and lake access. Can’t trailer your boat? Book passage on a Kenosha or Racine charter fishing excursion or paddling eco-tour for a fresh boating experience.

Gain New Boating Skills

Sharpen your boating know-how by completing a classroom or hands-on skills course this year. The Kenosha Sail and Power Squadron offers US Power Squadrons certification programs covering boat handling, general boating safety protocols, weather prediction, advanced navigation and more. Or enroll in small craft handling courses through Gateway Technical College or the Kenosha Unified School District.

If you’re new to boating, start by taking a Wisconsin DNR safety certification class to earn your license to cruise. More advanced students can develop specialty skills like sailing, racing crew positions or marine emergency response. Gaining knowledge instills on-water confidence, enhances safety, unlocks trip planning insights and connects you to a community of experienced local boaters happy to share wisdom over stories at the marina tiki bar.

Incorporate On-Water Workouts

Don’t let icy temperatures derail your fitness goals. Embrace winter months as prime time to multitask self-care routines and passions for local waters. When conditions allow, bundle up to go ice sailing with the Kenosha Yacht Club, letting brisk winds whisk you across the frozen lake. Or slide a kayak into the open waters of Twin Lakes to paddle against the refreshing chill.

As warmer weather returns, establish a fitness route that incorporates a new lakefront park, harbor or river trail on rotation. Jog along Kemper Center’s shore, then push off to cool down kayaking across Lake Michigan’s waves. Let the peaceful flow of the Pike River set the pace for a restorative morning practice. However you move, pairing workouts with water builds lifelong joy and resilience.

Volunteer for Local Waterway Conservation

This year, resolve to donate your time, passion or resources to support ecosystems that sustain recreation and life across Kenosha’s beloved lakes, rivers and harbors. Groups like the River Alliance of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Riverkeeper and the Racine County Land Conservation Department offer hands-on volunteer programs to restore native vegetation, survey protected wildlife, and remove invasive species or shoreline trash – efforts that safeguard natural habitats.

Or get involved with lake and river associations monitoring water quality and calling for protections against threats like pollution, erosion and unsustainable development that pose risks to fragile fisheries. By pitching in, you’ll raise public awareness, inspire other community members and form deeper connections to the health of waters that give so much back to us.

Make New Friends on the Water

Meeting fellow boaters, anglers and paddlers out on the harbor adds extra smiles to every boating getaway. Introduce yourself to folks cruising nearby or chatting at the launch ramp – friendships form fast over shared tips on the best anchorage spots or raft-up party coves. Attend social events hosted by groups like the Kenosha Yacht Club to quickly connect with seasoned boaters over summer barbeques, regattas and nautical knowledge. Hang out at our very own Simmons Island Marina and you’re bound to meet new boaters.

Get involved with one of Kenosha’s many boating social clubs like the Kenosha Yacht Club, Kenosha Sail and Power Squadron or Pike River Paddlers to quickly connect with seasoned boaters over summer barbeques, regattas and nautical knowledge shares. Many host weekly happy hours or paddle tours open to new members and drop-ins.

Can’t get out on weeknights? Check the local listings for boating movie nights, craft fairs or classes. Our local marinas like Skipper Buds host frequent community events, too. Between the classics like the Salmon-A-Rama tournament and creative new happenings, there is always something fun afloat when we link up with fellow water lovers!

Cruise Onward with Great Lakes Yacht Sales

The experts at Great Lakes Yacht Sales fuel Kenosha’s enduring boating culture. As you look ahead to new adventures in 2024, their incredible local knowledge and vast selection of sailboats, cabin cruisers, pontoons, personal watercraft and runabouts equip hometown boaters to fully embrace the call of Lake Michigan.

The Great Lakes Yacht Sales professionals understand our unique boating ecosystem. They can match you with the versatile fishing craft, weekend pleasure bowrider or spacious cruiser that aligns with your needs and multi-season aspirations. As fellow boating devotees, the GLYS team eases new buyers through purchasing decisions with sage counsel on selecting the ideal boat for beloved local activities like paddling the harbors, hosting summer parties on the bay or embarking on regional excursions across magnificent freshwater seas.

In this promising new year, let’s reaffirm commitments to protect, explore and unite on the living waters at the heart of Kenosha’s culture. Through practical resolutions that deepen knowledge, fitness, exploration and conservation efforts, we chart new joy and purpose into 2024. From the first thaw through to the winter freeze, may the bright skies and swell of our magnificent lakes inspire enduring optimism all year long. Smooth sailing ahead!

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