Experience the Best of Fall Boating in Kenosha

Experience the Best of Fall Boating in Kenosha

The changing leaves signal that boating season is coming to an end, but don't stash your boat away just yet! Fall brings amazing opportunities for boating in Kenosha. From foliage cruises to fishing trips, fall on the water here has its own magic. At Great Lakes Yacht Sales, we want to help you make the most of autumn boating. This blog shares our top 5 picks for fall boating activities in Kenosha to add to your bucket list. 

Take a Scenic Foliage Cruise 

One of our favorite fall boating activities is simply getting out on the water to immerse in the stunning colors. Kenosha's location along the Lake Michigan shoreline makes it a premier spot for seeing dazzling fall foliage from the water. The vibrant hues of crimson, orange and gold reflect off the lake's surface, creating an incredible scene. Gliding through Kenosha's harbors or coasting along the lakeshore by boat allows you to truly appreciate the color show that nature puts on. We recommend packing a thermos of apple cider or hot chocolate to stay warm on the water and embrace the fall season. Plus, don't forget your camera - you'll want to document the unforgettable views! Timing your foliage cruise just right takes luck and watching the weather. Mid to late October is generally best for peak color, but that varies by year and location. With a boat, it's easy to find the most vibrant areas by cruising through the different parts of the shoreline. 

Reel in the Catch of the Season

Fishing is fantastic in Kenosha during autumn as fish feel the cooling water temperatures and become more active. From Lake Michigan salmon to inland lake bass, fall surprisingly brings some of the hottest action of the year. The hardy anglers can't resist chasing trophy trout and salmon that run in Lake Michigan during the month of October. Trolling offshore near the harbor mouths as fish move from the lake into the Pike River is an exciting way to hook the big ones. Inland lakes like Silver Lake, Shangri-La Lake and Camp Lake also offer excellent bass, walleye and northern pike fishing from late September through November. Having a boat opens you up to all the best fishing spots, lets you find fish-holding structures, and covers more water to pinpoint the bite. 

Tour the Historic Lighthouses

Finally, fall is one of the best times to cruise by Kenosha's iconic lighthouses. When tourist crowds dissipate after summer, you can boat up to the North Pierhead Light and South Pierhead Light for unobstructed views. 

These historic lighthouses have remained sentinel over Kenosha's harbor entrance for well over a century. This is a great way to spend the evening to admire the architecture and history. Photograph the vibrant fall foliage against the towering white towers.  

Seeing Kenosha's lakefront lighthouses from the water provides a timeless perspective. Their presence is a poignant reminder of seasons changing but our maritime traditions remaining constant. 

Sip the Season’s Spirits

Kenosha provides the perfect home base for lake lovers to tour local breweries, wineries, and cider mills. Just across the Illinois border, visitors can boat or drive a short distance to Apple Holler The Orchard in Sturtevant for apple and pumpkin picking, along with hot apple cider and doughnuts. In nearby Racine, stop at Wollersheim Winery, which dates back to the 1840s and offers award-winning wines. North on Lake Michigan, Milwaukee boasts a wealth of craft breweries to sample local beers, including Lakefront and Sprecher. Kenosha itself is home to Public Craft Brewing Co. along the harbor. Fall is the ideal time to cruise or drive to Kenosha's neighboring towns and cities to sip spirits and ciders that capture the harvest season's bounty.

Don't Miss Fall's Unique Magic 

As you can see, Kenosha provides so many ways to embrace fall's beauty on the water. From scenic excursions to fall fishing, the season offers a different boating flair. Getting out on your boat over the next months keeps that sense of freedom alive even as summer fades. Our hope is that this blog sparked some ideas for fall boating activities. Don’t forget to reach out to Great Lakes Yacht Sales to get your boat ready for the cooler weather. We can't wait to see you on the docks and hear about your autumn adventures. Bon voyage!

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