What You Should Know as A First Time Boat Owner

What You Should Know as A First Time Boat Owner

Purchasing a boat is a major investment in anyone’s life and usually comes after a lot of research, thought and consideration has been given to the idea of owning one. When buying a boat, along with going through all the available choices in the market, you also need to think about your budget, storage options, and learning the ropes on how to operate it.

As overwhelming as the decision may seem, it’s the beginning of a thrilling and wonderful journey – or journeys! – ahead.

Be Confident About your Decision

First things first: stop overthinking. Once you have figured out the payment process and chosen the vessel of your choice, you need to stop questioning your decision. You can take your time doing your research and make sure you have chosen a boat that suits your preferences and budget. Once you are sure about your decision, the process ahead will be smooth and easy to manage.

Know What to Expect

When it comes to operating a boat, there’s a lot more to know than just starting the engine and steering the wheel. Even if you have accompanied your friends on their boats before or tried your hand at operating one, owning and managing your own boat is very different. Having a professional boat dealer will make the process a lot easier because they will be able to give you a proper introduction to your vessel and acquaint you with its various features and operating system. Asking an experienced boater friend to accompany you for your first few runs out in the water can be helpful as well.

Get Organized

Along with learning how to operate your boat, you also need to get organized with other important aspects of owning one. It is very important to get your insurance set up for your boat. Once you have that sorted, you need to learn how to trailer your boat. This may need a few tries and some time to practice but is essential for you to learn along with being able to launch and retrieve it. Next in line come storage options. Make sure you plan storage according to the climate you live in and consider whether keeping it at your home is an option or a marina would be more practical.

Maintenance and Equipment Checklist

Your boat is going to remain your very prized possession over the years to come. To make sure it remains in great condition, you need to keep up with its maintenance requirements. Learn how to properly wash and clean it and how to change its oil and inspect the propeller. Stock up on your tools, signaling and flotation devices along with a first aid kit and items such as dock lines and fenders. You will feel more confident and familiar with your boat once you know how to care for it properly.

If you’re just getting started on your search for boats in Chicago or already have something in mind that you want, come see us at Great Lakes Yacht Sales and we will help you find the perfect boat!

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