Winter on the Water: Top Ways to Protect Your Boat This Season

Winter on the Water: Top Ways to Protect Your Boat This Season

Even if the winter’s chill doesn’t bother you, it’ll probably still bother your boat. With that being said, if you plan on going out on the water when it’s frigid outside, you’re going to need to take some measures to ensure your boat can handle it. If you’re currently looking at yachts for sale in Milwaukee, be aware that the boating life demands proper winterizing! 

Thankfully, boat dealers, owners, renters, and anyone else taking care of boats can keep them safe throughout the winter season. Here’s how:

Winterize Your Engine

Remove any dirt or salt from your engine by flushing its coolant system, then refill and warm up your engine for a short time. Change the oil and inspect your drive belts and rubber hoses to make sure they aren’t cracking under the freezing conditions of the cold. 


Go through all the moving parts of your boat and properly lubricate them. Over time, lubricant will dry and harden, especially in such a cold environment, but by giving moving parts fresh lubricant, you can ensure that they continue to do their jobs even in the harshest of winter weather. Pay attention to items such as:

  • Hinges and latches
  • Steering components
  • Engine components
  • Propeller

Once you’ve lubricated everything, make sure it gets put back where it’s supposed to be!

Check the Battery

As you’re no doubt aware, batteries get old and need to be replaced now and again, but this is especially important in the winter, as boat batteries perform worse in cold temperatures. 

If your battery is still good, still take time to give it a good charge and check to make sure the terminals aren’t corroded. Grease the terminals and the cable ends if you plan on putting the battery into storage for the winter so they don’t become corroded there, either.

Protect the Interior

If your boat has leather seats, a canvas roof, and nice carpets, they need to be protected from frigid temperatures. To keep the leather from cracking, clean it with a professional-grade cleaning agent. Make sure all of the boat’s fabrics get dried off should they get wet because you don’t want that water to freeze on them!

Protect the Exterior

Clean and wax your boat, especially if you plan on storing it away for the season. Freezing cold water is simply harsher on boats, so adding extra protection is just a good idea to keep it looking nice and functioning well after the winter.

Unblock Drains

Snow can block your cockpit drains, causing water to get trapped and potentially pushing your boat down farther into the water than normal. Blocked drains can indeed cause your boat to sink!

Owners and Boat Dealers Alike: Protect Your Boats!

Winter is coming, and it will not be kind to your boat. While you can throw on a coat and mittens and successfully combat the cold, it’s not that simple for boats or yachts. Engaging in a little winterization will allow you to still enjoy your time on the cold water, even if it’s just above freezing.

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