How To Enjoy Boating Through The Winter Months

How To Enjoy Boating Through The Winter Months

Although boating is usually a popular activity during the warmer months, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t have fun on the water in the winter as well. Although boating during the colder seasons requires a little extra gear, many boaters prefer heading out at this time as it's less crowded, and you get to experience different species of fish, too.

Layer up and dress appropriately

Being cold on the water is no fun, so the most important thing to do before making a boating plan during the winter is to have the appropriate clothing and footwear. Layering up is essential so that in case you begin to feel warm during the day, you can drop your jacket to feel lighter. Keep an extra pair of gloves so that in case one gets wet, you have another set ready for the ride home. Wind chill at this time can be quite troublesome, so use ski goggles to cover your eyes and a warm hat that can protect your ears.

Inspect your boat properly

When planning your nautical adventure during the cold and dark winter days, you need to be sure that all the parts of your boat are working properly. If you have been ignoring some cracks and dents on the surface of your boat, make sure you tend to them before hitting the water. The weather can get quite unruly at this time of the year and being stuck in cold winds or heavy rain can be quite dangerous - so make sure your vessel is in top condition.

Venture out to newer spots

If you have been hesitant to take your boat out to particular spots during the summer just because you know how crowded those can get, here is your chance to enjoy some freedom of movement and venture out on different routes. Pick out a spot to cruise with your family over the weekend or invite your favorite fishing buddy to head out and catch a bite!

Practice new techniques

If you haven’t had time to experiment with new fishing techniques or try out some new equipment you bought, use this relaxed season to practice! Do some research about what kind of fish can usually be found at this time of the year around the spots you frequent, as well as what approach and lures to use, then try out those new fishing techniques so that by the time summer comes, you are already a pro!

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