Expert Tips For Launching Your Boat

Expert Tips For Launching Your Boat

Mastering the process of launching a boat may seem daunting to a novice boater, but it really isn’t as hard as you might think. Just the way learning to operate and maintain your boat requires a little practice, launching your boat from a ramp also needs some time and effort.

To help you learn about this process, here are some step-by-step tips from your trusted Milwaukee boat dealers:

Prepare your boat prior to launching

The first thing to learn about launching is to have your boat ready in advance. Being considerate of other boaters is essential when you are using a public ramp. Load the boat with all your gear beforehand and check your equipment before reaching the ramp so that you can launch quickly without causing any delay to other boaters also waiting.  

Get familiar with the launch ramp

If you are new to using a particular ramp or ramps in general, it might be helpful to go at a time when it’s not too busy as you will feel more relaxed practicing without an audience. You will not be under much pressure to move quickly or rush through the process if others are not waiting around. You should check the condition of the dock and get familiar with the depth of the water while assessing the situation around the ramp in general to figure out where you can park your vehicle and trailer after launching your boat.

Get confident about backing your trailer

Backing your trailer a few times in an empty space such as a parking lot can also prove helpful. If you have learned to maneuver it a few times before actually going to the launch ramp, you will feel more confident about it when the times comes to do it.

Be quick and efficient

When it’s your turn to enter the ramp, you will need to back your trailer in a straight line until your wheels reach the edge of the water. By then, the back of your boat would be floating free and you can hit the parking brakes. Once you’re off, unhook the safety chain and back the winch off to release the bow strap. Push the bow of the boat up and off the trailer and it will easily float off.

A little bit of practice can make you feel a lot more confident about the whole process and if you need a little extra help, don’t hesitate to contact us at Great Lakes Yacht Sales and head over to our Kenosha marina to see boats for sale and storage options as well.

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