Why the Versatile Pontoon Boat is Perfect for Lake Michigan Summer Escapes

Why the Versatile Pontoon Boat is Perfect for Lake Michigan Summer Escapes

Poised on the glittering expanse of Lake Michigan, Great Lakes Yacht Sales is passionate about helping you find the right boat for sale to elevate your summer adventures on the water. There’s one boat that we love to champion as a true icon of summer leisure – the versatile pontoon boat! Known for its all-around adaptability, comfort, and handling, this type of vessel might just be the quintessential craft for family fun on the lake. Curious if one might be the right choice for you? Grab your sunglasses and let’s dive into all the excellent benefits that pontoons have to offer.

The Ultimate All-Rounder

Variety and mixing up your on-the-water plans can be a key element to keeping those sunny summer months interesting. You’re in luck – you might often find the pontoon boat referred to as the "Swiss Army Knife" of boats due to its incredibly-capable, versatile nature. Throughout the summer on your pontoon boat, you might find yourself sunbathing on the deck, tubing behind the boat, or angling for fish with your family. The ample deck space provided gives plenty of room for all these activities and more, making the boat a true jack-of-all-trades. Plus, you’ll find lots of room to bring guests along, too – allowing you a perfect space for solo explorations or friend-and-family get togethers.

Relax in Comfort

Summertime is the perfect season to rest and unwind from the rest of a busy year. When you spend this time on a lake, you’re probably looking forward to enjoying the sound of gentle waves while soaking in the sun’s rays. When you explore its expansive decks, soft seating, and high-end amenities, the right pontoon boat is synonymous with comfort itself. Think of this style of boat as a floating living room, complete with a beautiful panorama of Lake Michigan. With a twin-hull design, these boats promise added stability, whether the water is smooth like glass or showing its more active side. This kind of comfort will leave you wanting to take advantage of your boat more often – and even after the sun sets.

A Breeze to Navigate

It’s simple – whether you’re a seasoned captain or a rookie behind the wheel, pontoon boats can be a dream to navigate. Steering this vessel can be straightforward after some initial lessons, and its shallow draft is more than suitable for exploring many nooks and crannies of Lake Michigan's diverse waterways. Controls are often intuitive, and construction of the overall boat style is robust. So, you’ll enjoy less time wrestling with complicated systems and more time truly enjoying your new boating lifestyle.

Customization Galore

No two summer days are the same. In the same way, no two pontoon trips – or boats themselves – should be the same, either! Each boater is key to bringing their unique style and personality to the lake, and pontoon boats for sale are made to be customized to fit you. Looking for a sound system to play those favorite summer hits? Looking for advanced fishing gear for angling exploits? Looking for a mobile oasis equipped for on-the-water parties with friends? Absolutely! It’s simple to gear up your pontoon boat for any of your boating aspirations.

Eco-friendly Boating

Bring to mind the lush greenery of nature and pristine, clear waters – as conscientious boaters, we want to preserve this setting as much as possible for lifelong boating excursions! Thankfully, choosing a pontoon boat can be a mindful step towards staying more environmentally friendly. With efficient fuel consumption and the possibility to equip quieter, more eco-friendly engines, pontoons can play a role in preserving the serene beauty of Lake Michigan.

Find Boats for Sale at Great Lakes Yacht Sales

All in all, we believe that the magic of a Lake Michigan summer can be excellently experienced from the deck of a pontoon boat. With combined versatility, comfort, ease of navigation, customization, and environmental consciousness, consider one of these excellent vessels as your passport to unforgettable summer adventure. Here at Great Lakes Yacht Sales, we're here to help you make these dreams come true by connecting you with boats for sale that are perfect for your lifestyle. Contact us today to get started!


With summer in full swing, the waters of Lake Michigan are calling to us angling enthusiasts! So, grab your rod, reel, and excitement towards reeling in your next big catch. Located smack-dab between Milwaukee and Chicago, you’ll find Great Lakes Yacht Sales – and we think our full-service Kenosha marina and the surrounding area is the perfect place to kick off a summer fishing spree. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer to the world of fishing, we’re sharing a few handy tips to start your season on a high note.

Get Your Gear Summer-Ready

Summer in the Great Lakes? To us, we immediately envision an array of fish species just waiting to be your next great catch. Walleye, Yellow Perch, and Smallmouth Bass are just the beginning. Arriving on the scene with your gear in tip-top shape is key to getting the best of this bounty.

Prepare yourself with a tackle box to hold all the necessities, as well as a rod and reel that suits your fishing needs. Remember to keep an eye on your fishing line, as summer heat and humidity can take a toll on this crucial material.

Smart Fishing Makes for Successful Fishing

If you want to bring home a hefty haul, you’ve got to know your fish first. In this summer season, fish tend to escape the heat during the day by diving deeper away from the surface. At dusk, surface waters begin to cool, allowing fish to venture back. To help with making this judgement during your fishing trip, you might want to invest in a depth finder, which is a handy gadget to help detect fish and share information about their depth underwater.

Start Your Trip From Our Kenosha Marina

Lake Michigan is a vast body of water. With all this space in mind, choosing the right fishing spot can seem a bit like seeking a needle lost in a haystack. Don’t fear – there’s a simple spot you might want to put at the top of your list! Simmons Island Marina in Kenosha Harbor is operated by Great Lakes Yacht Sales and provides an excellent launching point for your nearby fishing excursion – as well as a fish cleaning station as you bring home your catch!

More than Just a Catch

A great fishing day isn’t just about your catch. It’s also about making the most of the day in exciting surroundings. Our marina is conveniently located near a landscaped picnic area for whole-family fun. Plus, within walking distance, you’ll find downtown shopping and restaurants for endless shopping enjoyment. With all these entertainment and leisure options, you’ll know that once you dock for the day, the excitement is just about to begin.

We've Got Your Back

Not sure how to dip your toes into the world of boating and angling in Lake Michigan? Don’t worry! At Great Lakes Yacht Sales, we strive to treat our customers like family. We want to make your outing seamless, so our dedicated crew is available to help launch your boat, make repairs, share some local words of wisdom, or simply say hello. We’re dedicated to creating a sense of community, both in the summer season and year-round. We’re here to help make your summer fishing trips unforgettable with reliable services you can trust.

So, get ready to enjoy all the magic that comes along with fishing on Lake Michigan in the summertime – the peace, the excitement, and the joy of the catch. There’s truly something for everyone in the family to enjoy from our Kenosha marina, and we’re here at Great Lakes Yacht Sales to make sure you get the very best of it all. Our top-notch service, expert advice, and welcoming community are waiting for you. Let’s make some memories together!

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