5 Ideas for Family Fun on Pontoons and Boats for Sale Kenosha

5 Ideas for Family Fun on Pontoons and Boats for Sale Kenosha

With the weather warming up, it is the perfect time for a family fun day on the water aboard your pontoon! These boats are some of the most versatile watercraft available to boating enthusiasts due to the plethora of activities they facilitate. Pontoons are increasingly popular with boaters of all ages because they make it so easy to stay entertained on both quick and all-day excursions. Looking for some ideas on how to have fun with your family aboard your new pontoon from Kenosha boat dealers? Just read on!

Travel-Size Party

The average pontoon holds about a dozen people so consider turning your afternoon hang-out into a full-on party with friends and family! It is easy to host a birthday, anniversary, or engagement party on a pontoon boat because even the most basic models come with ample storage for dining, a sound system for music, spacious seating, and even room to dance! For added effect, consider stringing lights or other decorations as long as they are secure and do not interfere with the boat’s operation.

Swimming and Snorkeling

Pontoons are an ideal vessel for diving into maritime adventures, whether they be dipping your toes in the water or putting on a snorkel and jumping in! The rear platform of pontoons makes it easy to get in and out of the water, even for kids, and the rails along the side are convenient for holding onto from the outside when necessary. If you live in an area with lots of marine life, don’t miss out on seeing them up close and personal – bring masks and snorkels for underwater sightseeing! For safety purposes, make sure the engine is off before allowing anyone into the water.

Bring Your Favorite Board Games

Some guests may not be interested in getting their fun from the water, and that is perfectly fine! With spacious seating arrangements and tabletop surfaces included, pontoons are also perfect for some game night shenanigans at any time of day. For those on board who will not be partaking in water-based activities, help them stay engaged with board games and other diversions. We suggest avoiding any games that use paper money or small pieces that can blow away in the breeze!

Cast a Line

Do you love spending your hours on the water at the end of a fishing line? The platform at the back of a pontoon is the perfect place for veteran and amateur anglers to cast a line and relax. The ample storage that comes standard with a pontoon provides plenty of space for all your fishing gear, bait, and ice chests. For safety reasons, make sure all swimmers are out of the water before casting your line!

Find Peace and Quiet

Alternatively, a pontoon can also be the perfect place to spend a quiet and relaxing afternoon with only your family. Sharing an afternoon on a pontoon with only a few people gives you the best of both worlds! You can be together for fun activities but still have enough room for when someone needs a nap or a little space. Just because pontoons are built to host a myriad of social gatherings does not mean that you always need to invite all your closest friends! Enjoy some quiet family time away from the rest of the world.

The versatility, comfort, and safety of pontoon boats makes it easy to have a variety of fun on the water. Whether you are looking for the occasional angling excursion or a floating cottage to use every weekend, you can’t go wrong with a pontoon! For assistance purchasing a pontoon, contact the professional team at Great Lakes Yacht Sales. We are Kenosha’s leading boat dealers and offer a wide inventory of new and used boats for sale, including Smoker Craft and SunChaser. Call today to learn more!

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