Our Tips to Enjoy Boating Through the Colder Months

Our Tips to Enjoy Boating Through the Colder Months

Do you feel that chill in the air? Winter is almost here but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your boat! While the warmer seasons are optimal for boating activity, there’s no reason you can’t continue to enjoy your vessel well into fall and even winter. That is, unless your local waterways are frozen solid. Until that happens, be sure to follow these tips to enjoy boating no matter how cold it is outside!

Cold Weather Maintenance

If you are one of the brave ones keeping your boat in the water during colder weather, then there are a few steps you need to take to make sure your decision is a good one.

  • Keep the Battery Charged – Boat batteries are proven to drain much faster in cold weather than in warm. You should consider investing in a battery charger to keep your boat topped off at all times when it’s not in use.
  • Check the Drains, Portholes, and Seacocks – As it’s getting colder, this is the perfect time to examine your drains, seacocks, windows, portholes, and so forth to make sure all seals are in good shape. Water that leaks into the boat can freeze and expand during the winter, which will cause damage and create unsafe surfaces.
  • Change the Oil – Even boats that are stored out of water should have their oil emptied or changed beforehand. Likewise, if you’re leaving your boat in service, consider replacing your oil with a formula specially made for cold weather.

Dress Appropriately

First and foremost, your boating attire should always include keeping a personal flotation device nearby! In addition to that, you’ll need to dress for the frigid winter air. As such, we recommend clothing that repels water yet allows breathability to allow moisture release from the inside. Cover your extremities, neck, and face, as cold wind can be harmful. Layers are a good thing! The goal is to stay safe from water splashes and cold air.

Safety 101

Lifejackets are even more important during winter than in warm weather. Once it gets cold enough, then it’s possible to lose consciousness in a matter of minutes if you fall in. Furthermore, watch out for ice when you’re sailing in the winter. Large chunks may be lurking just below the surface and beware ice on docks, decks, mooring lines, and wires, too. Icy wires can present a shock hazard to boaters.

Winter boating can be safe and fun, as long as you stay on top of all the proper precautions! Until the water freezes, feel free to take your boat out as often as you want, making sure to follow all our tips for safety, attire, and maintenance. Reach out to Great Lakes Yacht Sales today to learn more about our incredible selection of boats for sale so you, too, can enjoy the water this season!

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