Get Into These 6 Good Boating Habits for a Lifetime of Fun

Get Into These 6 Good Boating Habits for a Lifetime of Fun

If you’re new to the world of boating, or simply want to learn the ins and outs better, then it helps to develop some good boating habits. These will not only keep you safe and maximize enjoyment on the water, but your boat will also last for longer. Great Lakes Yacht Sales is always looking for new ways to take the work out of a hobby like boating. Below, we offer up some advice on the best boating habits to keep your vessel healthy!

Prepare for Anything

Regardless of what you anticipate happening on the water, you should always be prepared for anything. That way, you will be ready even in an emergency event. Between first aid kits, sunscreen, and even a fire extinguisher, it’s crucial to have the right supplies handy in case anything goes wrong.

Check Your Boat Periodically

After you’ve made that list of everything you need aboard your boat, make sure to keep it on hand. Go through the list every so often to make sure that everything is still on board your boat. You don’t need to do this every time you take the boat out, but we do recommend checking it once or twice a season.

Always Have a Knife and Rope

Even if you never end up needing a rope, it can prove to be one of the most worthwhile tools aboard your boat. Whether someone goes overboard and needs a line, or you find yourself needing to throw a longer line to shore, having extra rope is sure to come in handy. Plus, the knife is handy for cutting the rope if you are ever in those kinds of situations.

Just Add Water

Between heat and the sun, it is possible to dehydrate quickly on a boat. That is why it is especially important to always keep your boat stocked up on drinkable water. Consider the possibility that something may happen to your vessel, and you could be stranded at sea. Bottled or potable water will allow you to stay in good health no matter how long you are on the water.

Motion Sickness Pills

Many individuals have a natural tendency to succumb to motion sickness aboard a boat. Unfortunately, there are not many ways of knowing if this applies to someone until they get on the water. Keep some motion sickness pills on board just in case you or one of your guests ever gets a little queasy – someone will be grateful eventually!

Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to boating, nothing is more valuable than practice. From charting your course to dead reckoning, you can learn a lot simply by spending more time on the water. Whether you have a small fishing boat or a large pleasure yacht, you need to know how to navigate it through any situation. With time and a little focus on perfecting your skills, you will be an expert captain in no time.

By getting into these 6 boating habits, you can ensure that you are a more responsible and prepared boater. Not only will all your excursions be safer, but your boat will also stay in good shape for a long time. Learn the rules of the water and get as many tips as you can from seasoned boaters, like the boating enthusiasts at Great Lakes Yacht Sales! We offer a wide variety of boats for sale for you to choose from, as well as some tips on how to make the most of your new vessel.

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