Looking Ahead: How to Take Boats Out of Storage

Looking Ahead: How to Take Boats Out of Storage

As a boat owner, you are probably quite familiar with the winterizing process that your boat must go through before you store it away for the winter. But did you know that bringing it back out too requires some essential steps to be taken before you take it out in the water again?

All boats require a little extra attention after being in storage for a few months. Even though you are probably anxious to hit the water again, doing a complete inspection of your vessel will ensure that it’s in a good condition and does not need any repairs or maintenance work.

Get your engine ready for the season ahead

Start by checking your batteries to see if they need to be charged or replaced. After sorting your batteries, fill your tank with fresh fuel and start your engine. Listen to how it sounds making sure you don’t hear anything different, rougher, or heavier than what you are usually accustomed to hearing from your engine.

If you hadn’t changed the oil or filters before storing it away for the season, this is time to do it so that your boat can be ready for the water again.

Check for corrosion

Make sure to check for corrosion around the electrical connections and components on your boat. During the cold winter months, corrosion can occur while the boat is in storage and if you notice any such signs, it is important for you to get the damage professionally assessed before you take the boat out in the water again.

The hoses and cables in your vessel can also become brittle and corroded during this time after being in storage for such a while. Check all these components thoroughly as well.

Make sure propellers are working

Another key part of taking your boat out of storage is ensuring that its propellers are in top shape. There should be no apparent dents or cracks in them, and they should most importantly not be bent. Being out of shape could lead them to damage other parts of your boat as well, which could end up in time-consuming and costly repairs.

Clean the boat thoroughly

Take out all your cleaning supplies and get your hull to look vibrant again. After being locked up and stored away for so long, it’s only natural for your boat to require a bit of a clean-up now that it’s time for it to come out of hiding. It’s only natural for dust, dirt, moisture, or other buildups to occur during storage. After you’ve made sure all the parts are working right and everything seems to be in good condition, give your boat’s interior and exterior a good wash so that it’s back to looking like its glorious self. Ensuring your boat is cleaned properly also helps protect its surface and multiple aspects of its interior.

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