How To Protect Your Boat’s Interior This Summer

How To Protect Your Boat’s Interior This Summer

With the temperatures rising, boating enthusiasts are returning to the water and making the most of their vessels this season. But just as you need to prepare your boat for spring after a season in winter storage, you also need to take some special measures as summer begins to keep your boat in pristine condition.

Summer elements can be harsh on your boat

Exposing your boat to constant heat and sunlight can have a negative impact on its various parts, especially the upholstery inside. For boaters, summers is the ideal time to be out cruising, fishing, and relaxing on their boat so keeping it closed up isn’t really an option. By taking a few precautions, however, you can save your boat’s interior from getting cracked or ruined.

Regular cleaning and wiping down

Most seats on a boat are made with a combination of vinyl and leather and if you know what material is used for your upholstery, invest in a good water-based cleanser that has very few chemicals and can be used for regular cleaning. Wiping down your seats often will keep them from showing signs of wear and tear and will make them appear clean despite being used constantly. Vinyl cleaners and protectant creams also help cleaning the surface of the seats and add a protectant layer to further save them from any damage.

Don’t cover your boat if the interior is wet

Although it helps to keep your interior or seats covered while the boat is not in use, covering it immediately after using it is also not a good idea. If the upholstery inside is still wet, and isn’t allowed to dry properly, moisture can get trapped inside and mold can begin to grow. Give your seats a quick wipe down after every use so that any spilled drinks, sunscreen, or other materials don’t leave stains. Once your seats are dry, cover them if you intend to leave your vessel in a place where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Installing vents in your boat cover also allows ventilation to take place and the air to circulate inside.

Just the way you regularly check the exterior of your boat for signs of damage or dents, it’s important to give your boat’s interior the same attention. Talk to your trusted Milwaukee boat dealers at Great Lakes Yacht Sales for more tips on how to maintain your vessel this summer and if you are looking for yachts for sale, come check out our great inventory at our Kenosha Marina.

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