We are a dealer for multiple manufacturers, and stock the most common parts. If you are needing a tune-up, we have your back!

Every 20 Hours Per Manufacturer

  • Change engine oil and filter

Every 100 Hours or Annually Per Manufacturer

  • Touch up the paint on the power package.
  • Change the engine oil and filter.
  • Change the sterndrive gear lube.
  • Check the coolant level and antifreeze concentration for adequate freeze protection. Correct if necessary. Refe3re to the specifications section.
  • Tighten the connection of the gimbal ring to the steering shaft to specifications sections.
  • Replace the water-separating fuel filter.
  • Check the steering system and the remote control for loose, missing, or damaged parts. Lubricate the cables and the linkages.
  • Check the continuity circuit for loose or damaged connections. Test the MerCathode unit output if equipped.
  • Recommended maintenance and replacement of the (PVC) valve.
  • Clean the flame arrestor, IAC muffler, and crankcase ventilation hoses.
  • Inspect the condition and the tension of the belts.
  • Driveshaft extension models; lubricate the driveshaft U-joints, and tailstock input and output bearings.

Every 300 Hours or 3 Years Per Manufacturer

  • Check the engine mount nuts for tightness and torque if necessary.
  • Replace spark plugs.
  • Inspect the spark plug wires and replace as necessary.
  • Check the electrical system for loose, damaged, or corroded fasteners.
  • Check the cooling system and the exhaust system hose clamps for tightness. Inspect both systems for damage or leaks.
  • Disassemble and inspect the seawater pump and replace worn components.
  • Clean the seawater section of the closed cooling system. Clean, inspect, and test the pressure cap.
  • Inspect the exhaust system components. If the package was equipped with water shutters (flapper valves), verify that they are not missing or worn.
  • Check the engine alignment.
  • Inspect the U-joints, the splines, the bellows, and check the clamps.
  • Lubricate the U-joints, splines, and cross bearings, if equipped with grease fitting.
  • Inspect the gimbal bearing for roughness. Replace if necessary. See your certified Mercury MerCruiser dealer.
  • Lubricate the engine coupler.
  • Replace the vent valve and duckbill valve on each exhaust elbow (port and starboard).

Every 5 Years Per Manufacturer

  • Replace the coolant/antifreeze. Replace every two years if not using extended-life coolant/antifreeze.

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