5 Perks of Buying a Boat in the Fall Season

5 Perks of Buying a Boat in the Fall Season

Where other people see the end of the boating season, you can see the beginning of an opportunity. Buying a boat in the fall is an excellent time to score a deal. If you’re not scrolling through Chicago yacht sales come autumn, you could be missing out! 

1. Winter Can Scare Boaters into Selling

Reality sets in when the temps approach freezing, and that amped-up buyer from May becomes a nervous nelly come September. Weather-proofing a boat can be too much, year-round maintenance can be budget-shocking, and boat storage can be more than they bargained for. Whatever the case, there will be people looking to unload their boat before the snow starts falling, and this is your chance to make a deal.

2. Chicago Yacht Sales Kick into Overdrive

Everyone’s going to be buying when the weather’s nice, but you can get a jump on everyone by shopping in the fall and winter. Dealers will be freer to offer custom options on boats when there’s not a long waiting line. They’ll also be looking to clear out year-end inventory, and that’s your time to offer a low price so they can clear out their showroom.

3. The Selection Is Greater

Not only will year-end inventory need to move, but there will also be a lot of it. The shortages that happen in spring and summer won’t be there, and you’ll have far more options than any other time of the year. This is true not just for boats you can order; there will be more inventory in stock, too.

4. Projects Out of the Water Are Fun

Instead of wasting warm days restoring or working on a boat, take care of that when no one’s on the water, anyway. Maybe you bought an old Chris-Craft that needs lots of care. Turn the heater on in the garage and get to work! You won’t be missing out on the summer sun. Additionally, you can really spend your time on details. Old boats can hide many problems, and if you’re in a hurry, you can miss them. Safety first!

5. You Can Boat When It’s Cold Out

Finally, it can be a blast boating in the fall and winter. The leaves have changed colors, there’s a pleasant crispness to the air, and sitting on your boat enjoying a warm tea or cocoa is heaven. Throw on a sweater, make sure your boat is up to handling the cold, and enjoy winter boating. If you’re looking for Chicago boats for sale, you’re probably used to the cold anyway.

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