Avoid These 5 Common Boating Errors

Avoid These 5 Common Boating Errors

Everybody makes mistakes, but sometimes mistakes are so easily avoidable that they should be far less common than they are. Before visiting boat dealers in search of your dream vessel, make a checklist of simple things to do before the boat touches the water.

1. Don’t Run Out of Gas

It may seem obvious, but it is vital to make sure you have a full tank before you hit the water. Know how quickly your boat uses fuel so you can use the rule of thirds:

  • ⅓ of your tank is for getting where you want to go
  • ⅓ will get you back to port
  • ⅓ is your just-in-case fuel

If you’re running on that last third, it’s time to find a place to dock pronto.

2. Don’t Forget the Drain Plug

Make sure the drain plug or plugs are in place and properly tightened if you don’t want a boat full of water. It’s unfortunately too common that boats will pull away at full speed only to stop and start sinking moments later. The drain plug is there to let water out when it’s on the trailer. Consider attaching it to the boat’s keychain, so you don’t forget about it.

3. Improper Engine Starting

Most people don’t know that it’s terrible for your engine to start when the boat isn’t on the water. Water is essential to keeping a boat running. The impeller has rubber vanes that need water for lubrication and cooling. Without water, they’ll melt. Also, if you try to start the boat when it’s in gear, it most likely won’t start. Put it in neutral first, then start it.

4. Running Aground

Aside from having a depth finder, become familiar with your waterways. Running aground can range from annoying mud or sand to boat-sinking rocks. If you’re unfamiliar with the waters you’re in, keep it slow.

5. Not Getting Info from Boat Dealers

When you’re shopping for Milwaukee boat sales, beware of deals that are too good to be true because they likely are. Even when buying a boat that looks like it’s in great shape, ask lots of questions

Boats are big investments, and you want to make sure the boat you buy doesn’t have a lot of pre-existing problems. A little work here and there is fine, but you’ll want to know if you’re about to buy a boat that will leave you stranded, thanks to some major flaws.

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